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How do I prepare for a Virtual interview?

Preparing for an interview can be a daunting experience at the best of times, although if the interview goes well it can become a very memorable experience.
With the correct approach and preparation, you can land the job of your dreams!

During the period of COVID-19 lockdown and social distancing, organisations have embraced the likes of Zoom and Microsoft Teams to manage their businesses and as such, more employers are now conducting video interviews.

Initially, lots of our candidates and clients weren’t always comfortable with video interviews, however with the increased number of weekly family Zoom quiz nights during COVID-19, more people are happy in front of the camera.

As recruiters it is our role to coach our candidates through this process and here are some of the things to consider pre-video interview;

1. Interview Preparation

Regardless of the format, you must not lose sight that this is an interview and to succeed you must ensure that you set aside enough time to prepare. To support you in your preparation please read

2. Familiarise yourself with the technology

You must familiarise yourself with the technology and test it several times including the day of the interview. Check the camera, audio and video technology to make sure they are all working.

Double-check your wifi connection and internet speed. If too many devices are using the broadband connection then the video connection could drop off.

3. Be camera-ready

You must choose the setting for your video interview wisely. You will need to be in a quiet room where no one will interrupt the interview; however, you also need to consider the camera position, the lighting and the backdrop.

4. Dress appropriately

During the period of COVID-19 most of us require a visit to the hairdressers and we have become used to wearing comfortable clothes or even pyjamas. Your potential future employer will look past the need for a haircut; however pyjama’s are a definite no!

For the purpose of the video interview you must dress formally. This process will help you get into the interview mode and play a part in you securing a job offer.

5. Work the Camera

It is essential that during the interview you look at the screen and however tempting, you must resist the urge to look at yourself. This can make you look vain, nervous or even confused which could reduce the chances of you receiving a job offer.

Engage with the camera, smile and its ok to use hand gestures. During a video interview, it actually can be harder to get your personality across, so you might need to try a little harder to convey your true self.

6. Practice makes perfect

Unless you are familiar with online meetings or conducting yourself in front of a camera then you must practice. At Purosearch we are happy to conduct a trial interview so you can check the setting, the camera, and lighting.

Alternatively, a friend or family member may be able to help you… either way, practice makes perfect so set the time aside and secure the job offer!