Occupational Health: A New Amber Mace Sector!

What is occupational health?

It is a distinct speciality within the world of medicine, with its own particular aims and objectives as well as its own training and qualifications.

Good occupational health, for a company, means saving money and increased productivity. Many of us feel nostalgic about sick days: it means a day in bed, at home, at rest. However, real illness hardly ever feels like that. Instead, you’re uncomfortable, tired, and unproductive. After a while, you get bored–for some of us, this takes an hour; for others, maybe a few days.

Occupational health, as a sector, is focused on improving employees’ quality of life. It means that you are, both at work and in life:

  • safe
  • healthy
  • productive
  • happy
  • secure

Sounds like a dream? It definitely doesn’t have to be.

Who work in occupational health?

The staff might be large or small! We recruit for directors, operation managers, technicians, nurses, therapists, advisors, managers, service managers, consultants, and physicians!

If you’re looking for a job in the field, or looking to hire for one of these positions, please get in touch with Lindsay or Helene at 01904 571187!

Where can I find out more about occupational health?

There’s lots of resources only a quick Google away, but we’re happy to share some trustworthy and informative ones! If you are looking at things from a Human Resources (HR) perspective, this article by Dr John Cooper is fantastic. NHS Health at Work Network gives a detailed description of what to expect from the sector. Finally, if your specialty includes workplace hazards, this article from Fit For Work is just excellent.

If you, however, are looking for staff or looking for a job, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Amber Mace. We are just a phone call away!

Is ‘old’ a state of mind? The elderly speak…

The wonderful charity Independent Age took to the social media platform of Twitter to share what #OldIs to them. The results were funny, heartbreaking, thought-provoking, and heartwarming, among many others.

Here’s what Doreen and Peter, 77, had to say:

However, multiple people brought attention to their state pensions being postponed by six years:

Younger people pitched in, too:

For all the replies they got, Independent Age is definitely on to something. We should not be looking at older people like aliens, but realising that #OldIs no worse than young is. Listening to the elderly is so important, for all the stories they have to tell.

Let us know in the comments what #OldIs to you!