Am I ready for a management position?

A lot of the people we find jobs for are moving up in their career. In fact, we encourage it. Do you ever wonder if you are ready to step up to management? We’ve outlined some key signs that you indeed are. See if you recognise yourself!

5 signs you’re ready to become a manager

  1. You consistently excel at your current job. Management means additional responsibilities and additional concerns. You’ll need to have a good track record at your current job to be ready to take on more, be organised, up for a challenge and self-motivated.
  2. You have established good relationships with others at your workplace. To be an outstanding manager, people skills are essential. After all, that’s who you’re looking to manage! If you have been a bit too introverted up to this point, reach out to others (especially those in different departments from you). Other than that, ask for more opportunities for teamwork from your current managers.
  3. You handle conflict proactively. If the first sign of conflict or disagreement makes you want to bury your head in the sand, you’re not ready. But if you can remain impartial, calm under pressure, approachable and capable of mediating, you might just have been born to be a manager. You need to be able to come up with solutions when all that others can see are problems.
  4. You take a lot of satisfaction in seeing people learning and succeeding. Instead of being fiercely competitive, you are fiercely supportive. If you’re able to put the needs of your client or patient or project in front of your personal goals at times, and you love sharing your knowledge.
  5. You have shown yourself to be a leader in large teams. Here, take ‘large’ with a pinch of salt. Successfully leading teams of 3 or more shows that you have the it factor already! The more cross-functional and cross-cultural these teams are, the better, as it shows your ability to

Think you’ve got it?

The key to take away here is experience. You need to have tangible evidence of having had been a leader already, having successfully managed people — and not just having built one-on-one relationships. However, if all management positions call for management experience, how are you meant to ever gain this experience?

Developing yourself as a leader

Ask for it. Ask for small projects to work on, one thing at a time. Refer back to point no #1 above. If you are feeling (too) comfortable, ask for more. Prove yourself by excelling at one project after another — and always take the time to learn from other, established leaders. Don’t just look for the positions on name tags — a staff nurse can be an absolutely brilliant leader in their own right. You don’t always need to find a manager to find someone who can teach you more about management.

If you think you’re ready, we’ve got lots of management-level jobs available in nursing homes and in the health care sector, all across the UK. Have a look for yourself.