10 CV Tips for Healthcare Workers

You may have the best interview skills in the world, but if you don’t pass the first stage of applications – the CV – nobody will ever witness them. As we shift through hundreds of CVs daily and see what nursing homes and other healthcare institutions really want to see. As recruitment consultants, we fine-tune your CV to perfection, but having a good starting point is really important. The better written your resume is, the faster we can move to finding you the perfect job.

Here are some of Nadia’s best CV tips for a brilliant resume:

  1. Nurse Qualified: If you are a qualified nurse, mention it first! This is a huge asset if you want to pursue a career in nursing homes. This applies also if you are applying for a job at management level. Having first-hand insight into nursing will add a lot to your CV.
  2. Other Qualifications: Have you attended a management course, received any management training, or have completed other relevant education? Highlight this. Whether you have been trained at your job, privately, in schools or academia, it all counts. Of course, make sure you mention relevant qualifications. If you are applying to be a Nursing Home Manager, a management qualification will be more relevant than a still life photography course.
  3. Relevant Detail: The more we have to work with, the better! However, don’t take this as a call to unload everything you have ever done into your resume. Instead, provide lots of detail about the relevant bits.
  4. Work Experience: Going off the previous point, work experience is absolutely crucial. Include lots of detail of every relevant post you have had. Again with the example of Nursing Home Manager, if you have less (or zero) experience of working in healthcare but plenty of management experience, include it in your CV!
  5. Transferable Skills: When moving up in your career, it is important to harness all your experience. Think of skills you have used in your previous roles, current role and even when volunteering! Details make all the difference in job hunting: an experience you may not even have thought of previously might come in really handy.

These five simple CV tips will allow your resume to look its absolute best! Now that you’ve read this, pick a job, go over your CV and see where you can tweak and tailor it. Done? Send your CV to us via the form below the job and let’s see how you did!

We think you’ll have a job that will turn even Mondays into Mon-yays in no time!

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